How do I obtain a Musicool rental instrument?

MusiCOOL offers rentals of very high quality violins, violi and celli in all sizes. We will measure your child to see exactly which instrument size is correct for him or her as fit is very important to comfort and ability to play.

Click here to download our instrument rental forms. When MusiCOOL receives your rental forms and fees, your instrument will be delivered to you either in person or via U.S. Post. You may also visit us for a personal fitting at which time you may fill out your rental forms and pay your first quarter rental fees.

MusiCOOL Instrument Rental Policy

As an added bonus, instrument rental contracts that are continuous for one year or more qualify for receiving your full-sized instrument when you are ready for it at wholesale prices! The instrument, case and bow (outfit) rental term will run for a period of three months. The rentee is not obligated to renew the contract and may return the instrument at the end of each term. A switch to a different instrument offered by MUSICOOL will be considered a continuation of the original contract and will be covered by the terms of this contract.

What is the cost to rent a MusiCOOL rental instrument?


3-Mo. Rental

Damage Ins.

Sales Tax



$48.00  $7.00  $2.88  $57.88


$64.00  $7.00  $3.84  $74.84


$96.00  $7.00  $5.76  $108.76