What lessons does MusiCOOL offer?

We offer group lessons in violin, viola and cello. Students from pre-school to college-age are welcome from beginners to very advanced levels. Students will learn how to play and read music of all styles from Classical to folk fiddling.

In addition to making music, our students benefit from wonderful field trips and enrichment activities. Each year, the students perform two concerts as well as concerts in the community. 

We have also participated in the following exciting events:  Personally met and worked with Itzhak Perlman, YoYo Ma and Hilary Hahn; Performed at Disney World; Played with ShaeLaurel, world renown fiddle band; Played with the Florida State Bluegrass Band at the Florida State Bluegrass Festival; Taken Funshops at the University of Tampa and the University of Central Florida; Participated in Solo and Ensemble Days.


New and Returning students can download all orchestra lesson registration forms and instrument rental forms here.


There are three terms of MusiCOOL Lessons in a school year. The first and second terms contain ten lessons each at the fee of $110 for beginner and intermediate lessons. The fee for advanced lessons is $150 for ten lessons. The third term contains the remaining lessons in the school year and the fee is based on the number of lessons left in that term. There are also summer lessons available for those that desire them.

Where do MusiCOOL lessons take place?

MUSICOOL Lessons are given at the following locations

Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Ocala, Florida
Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (Time determined by ability level)

Queen of Peace Catholic Academy, Gainesville, Florida
Wednesdays after school (Time determined by ability level)

Do I Have to attend those schools to participate in MusiCOOL lessons?

MusiCOOL lessons are available for all students in the community regardless of which school your child attends.

How do I get an instrument for MusiCOOL lessons?

MusiCOOL has very high quality rental violins, violi and celli available for you as a package with lessons for your convenience, should you need an instrument. We also have instruments for sale should you wish to purchase. However, if your child is a beginner, it is highly recommended that you rent your instrument at first because you want to make sure that your child will stay with it before you invest a large amount of money. Also, the children move up through the seven sizes very rapidly.

Please be very aware that while there are cheap instruments available on-line and elsewhere, these are most likely to be instruments of extremely lesser quality. These instruments are hard to play and keep in tune and will hamper your child’s ability to make good music and actually can discourage your child from continuing to make music.

New and Returning students can download all orchestra lesson registration forms and instrument rental forms here.  You may also check out our instrument rental page here for more information.